1. Volkswagen – It’s not the miles

by karen orlowski

Was anybody else laughing by the end of this commercial?

Volkswagen’s “It’s not the miles, it’s how you live them” commercial has recently become a favorite of mine because it actually does not feature a single car, just 19 clips of people/babies laughing and progressively getting older.

This is a different approach for a car advertisement. Frequently we see commercials based off of having the car in the shot somehow, with copy and scripts pointing out differences between the featured car and their competitors’ cars. But we don’t see any of that in this VW commercial. This is the first car commercial I have seen that has not shown a single vehicle during the duration of the commercial, and frankly, I really like it. Often times we do see thoughtful storytelling inside of a car commercial, but the car is always present; VW incorporates one of those elements, while challenging the other. In doing this, VW integrates the story of your life into their ad- and they are telling you- the consumer- that they will be there throughout the miles of your lifetime. In reality, VW is really selling a brand promise and a brand experience with this advertisement.

This is going to be one of my favorites for some time to come.