3. BOLD storytelling

by karen orlowski

mediabistro introduced me to this sweet video called The Bold:

The Bold tells the story of the philosophy of its creator, BOLD Edition. The Bold uses metaphorical and literal definitions to describe who BOLD Edition is and what they do. They are based out of Boston.

BOLD Edition, according to its website, exists because they believe that every story has a literal and figurative meaning that should be exemplified in storytelling. BOLD Edition is a “journalistic exploration of the extraordinary within the commonplace,” and their videos offer an interesting perspective on the many different ways a story can be told.

The Newsmen–

The Sting–

The Revelation–

The four videos on their vimeo site differ, some stories are told with a thoughtful, compelling tone, while others are told through the use of quick images and robotic narration. Some stories relay deeply personal information, while others consist of snippets of news broadcasters. These videos bring me back to my days in my 3 Gateway to Media classes when I thought that because I was an advertising major, I didn’t use storytelling, so these classes were a waste- or something I just had to get through. These videos remind me of the transformation I made about halfway through my first class, when I realized that storytelling is everything to everybody in the world of journalism- and yes, advertising fits into that world.