5. R&R Partners

by karen orlowski

My favorite ad campaign of all time was done by R&R Partners. R&R Partners has 7 offices: Vegas, Reno, Denver, L.A., Phoenix, Washington D.C., and Salt Lake City.

These ads are funny, yet tasteful. There isn’t a lot of explanation needed, and that’s the beauty about good advertising. When it’s done correctly, when it’s smart, it just hits you. That’s what it’s supposed to do. Enjoy.

When I first saw the Mt. Rushmore REMAX ad, it just hit me, and I thought it was hilarious- why didn’t I think of that? I thought. This campaign as a whole is smart, witty, fun, but it’s still able to be taken seriously- it’s not a joke. It’s the right amount of humor. It’s honest- you want an impressive entryway? Okay, this is the best in the country. We can get you that. R&R sends a big message here by using national monuments, and I think they achieved monumental humor.

Smart. Witty. Fun. Funny. Resourceful. Innovative. Problem-solving. Critical. Conceptual.