6. 33 Ways to Stay Creative

by karen orlowski

While stumbling, I found this list:


1. Yes. A+.

2. #6 should be #1- stop beating yourself up is the key to staying/feeling creative.

3.#7, and #8 are both refreshing in their own way- take a break and rest your mind conventionally, but then go and free yourself unconventionally. Sing, let loose- whatever.

4. #9- This is my motto. Glad to see it made the list.

5. #10- I think this is so key. #11 says listen to new music, and #10 says know your roots. This is the paradigm of life. Learning new things and opening our tastes to acquire new ones makes us happy, but so does our favorite classic rock song. It’s all about balance. Ying and Yang.

6. #15- this is my favorite one and it’s arguably the most useful in remaining creative. Bouncing ideas off of my classmates, friends, group members- whoever really- helps me stay creative. It also helps me stay within edges, so that I don’t get too far out there with an idea.

7. #19- go somewhere new. I have had to do this for assignments in journalism classes before, and it actually gets the mind thinking in a new way. This is especially true of Eugene. There are a lot of interesting people here and going somewhere new usually promises adventure. Just go explore, even if it’s a short walk down a new path.

8. #21 Count your blessings- nothing helps solve the issue of hitting the brick wall like perspective. Perspective changes everything, and often times can clear your mind so you can start over.

9. #23- take risks. You don’t know until you try. Cliché, but so true.

10. #26- don’t force it. This is key. Forcing a bad idea will never work, you will only hit dead ends. Stepping away from a situation that feels forced usually does the trick for me.

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