10. Sandy, Destruction, and Innovation.

by karen orlowski

As an article by Fast Company points out, (Hurricane Sandy and The Struggle To Overcome Destruction With Innovation) this past week will be remembered by images and news reports about the damage endured by NJ, NY and the east coast.

Lights are still out for a quarter of a million people living in Lower Manhattan; however, cell phones and social media are playing a large role in recovery efforts, even when FEMA and the Red Cross can’t be there.

Jonathan Zabusky is the CEO of an online food-delivery service called Seamless. In this time of destruction for people living on the east coast, Zabusky’s lending of his business to help those affected by Sandy shows a sense of leadership and good culture about his business. Seamless has become a staple during Sandy’s aftermath. Zabusky collaborated with local restaurants to decrease the wait time for customers ordering to-go orders. His collaboration helped businesses stay unclogged with the rush of people coming in for business. In times of destruction and natural diaster, it’s nice to see collaboration making a difference; Zabusky’s innovation helped make lives better.

source: Google Images.