12. Olympus

by karen orlowski

Innovative. Indispensable. Interactive. These are the adjectives that we talk about in one of my ad classes, and these are the adjectives that also came to my mind post-Olympus commercial.

In my creative strategist class, we talk about the best work being interactive, something to hold onto or be a part of. Olympus has changed online camera shopping forever with this 3-D interactive augmented reality. You can now check out the camera virtually and play around with its features online without ever stepping foot in store and holding the camera for yourself. In the Olympus augmented reality, you can explore the camera’s zoom, take pictures, and much more. This is amazing. If only all online shopping had similar qualities. On another note, in my creative strategist class, we also talk about developing tools that make you indispensable. And always, no matter what you do, do it with innovation- create your own idea instead of building on somebody else’s. This video sums up all three of these qualities. So, whoever made this feature available online is one hot tamale.