15. Donation Box

by karen orlowski

Miami Ad School created the Apple Donation Box and it’s a great idea. An article found on creativity-online says that the donation box turns your iPhone apps into goods to be donated during the holiday season. The app was created in response to charities hurting to receive enough physical donations during difficult financial times, but creatives at Miami Ad School came up with a new way to give back this year:

How does the donation box work? It’s easy. Download the donation box from the app store (it’s free) and drop unused/unwanted apps into the donation box on your phone and Apple will donate the price of that app to the Salvation Army. For example, after you beat Angry Birds, drop it into the donation box, and Apple will donate the price of the app to the Salvation Army. Copywriter Westley Taylor says that the app’s idea came from the idea of “app remorse.” After buying an app, he often felt that the 1.99 or whatever he spent on it was useless, and felt that he could be giving back somehow. Now after apps become old, they can still provide something, somewhere. Students from this project are now interning at 360i. Awesome.