16. Hepinstall. Rules. Humanity.

by karen orlowski

Today in my creative strategist class, we talked about rules. We looked at different campaigns playing with perspective, tone, writing, concepts, and we asked ourselves about the rules creators gave themselves to work within. We looked at Kathy Hepinstall’s style of writing and discussed the rhythm she uses to achieve the right tone and all sorts of other wonderful things in her writing.

In order to break the rules, you have to know the rules, says Deb, the ring leader of creative strat. Hepinstall’s work for Nike Women is great. She writes honestly, with rhythm, crafted a message that became one of the most known campaigns in the history of Nike advertising. Hepinstall writes in statements, creating phrases, instead of just copy.

Google Chrome. Dear Sophie. BBH.

Post-creative strategist, I am usually left to make sense of the mess that class creates in my head. And by mess, I mean a nice little collage of insights and ideas nagging inside of me for a few hours. Brands out there are doing the right thing, and they are creating messages showing a brand’s human side. When they do, it’s powerful.