17. schools + creativity

by karen orlowski

How do you kill curiosity? Go to school, says Ken Robinson in his TED talk. He says that, “Everybody has an interesting education,” and the point is to foster an environment that keeps creativity alive.

Nobody has a clue what the year will look like in 5 years, and due to this unpredictability, expertise isn’t serving education in the same ways it has in the past. “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you won’t produce anything original,” says Robinson; most children, by the time that they grow up and become young adults, have lost this capability, he says. The goal is to remain an artist, even as an adult; it means you will have maintained the ability to remain creative.

Robinson defines creativity as having original ideas with value. This is interesting to me. Often times people place too much something on creativity, making it feel so intangible. That only a few rare people on this earth are creative. But creativity, according to Robinson, is simple and something everyone can do. People just are not in the environment to feel this way. Creativity has been pushed out by more important things to hold onto, like math. Interesting and entertaining talk, I highly recommend it.