20. Good Design

by karen orlowski

Looking at ‘good design’ makes me happy. I am not a designer by trade- doesn’t mean I can’t become one- but I still enjoy looking at typography and graphic design work the way some people like to go to museums and look at fine art. In my creative strategist class the other day, we talked about Pentagram, a kickass design studio making cool shit for everybody. Their clients vary, as well as their designs, but they have a very flawless and pleasing aesthetic. I encourage you to check out their work: Pentagram Design. 

I especially like the work they have done for their clients in education, such as CUNY, Princeton, USC (CA.), UCR, and Williams College- among many others. Their work is simplistic- in a good way- and not over-designed. (All of these images were taken from Pentagram’s website, under their education category.)

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