23. Vimeo Fun

by karen orlowski

We haven’t talked about storytelling in my ad class for a little bit of time, although I’m sure we indirectly talk about it all the time. I get inspired by storytelling. (I wish I had thought of that before my AHA application was due- but c’est la vie). A good story can make you laugh, or pull at other emotions, or it can WOW you with information. Stories are fun. Anyways, so I searched vimeo for ‘storytelling’ just to see what would come up. I’m a fan of lists on the Internet, so I decided to make my own.

3 Different Perspectives on storytelling; 3 Different Ways to Get Inspired.

By Karen Orlowski.

1.Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored by destiny. I like the way this video took a classic story and told it in a new, all-inclusive way. Instead of just showing you where her house is, they give you the quick and dirty on the construction of the house, telling you what it’s made of. It’s kind of a weird video, but it’s quirky and I think it offers some things to be taken about storytelling. There’s something powerful in knowing that all the information you need is at your fingertips.

2. Ira Glass on storytelling. It’s a fun video playing with typography and movement.

3. Really, really interesting video on storytelling from Ken Burns. (fast-forward to 1:14)

“My interest is always in complicating things.”

“All story is manipulation.”

“An emotional truth is something that you have to build.”

“I made a film on baseball once. And it seemed to me that there was a dilemma for the racist of what to do about Jackie Robinson. If you were a Brooklyn Dodger fan and you were a racist, what do you do when he runs? You can quit baseball altogether, you can change teams, or you can change.”

“We coalesce around stories that seem transcendent.”

“We tell stories to continue ourselves.”

“Story is there to just remind us that it’s just OK.”