27. Ira Glass

by karen orlowski

I have been interested in Ira Glass lately. I saw a cool video a day or two ago on vimeo, and now I am searching for more. Found these videos on Ira Glass talking about storytelling; worth your time. Most of the information is related to broadcasting and creative writing, but there are takeaways here for everybody.

On finding great stories…

On making the errors all beginners make…

-“Kill it. It’s time to kill. By killing, you will make something better live. Abandon crap.”

-“You are better off the more like yourself you are.”

-“It’s important to understand the building block of the stories, and there are different ways to think about this. One of the things you don’t want to do is you don’t want to think about it the way you learned it in high school. In high school, the way that we’re taught to write is that there’s a topic sentence and then the facts. In broadcasting, it’s completely different.”

-“The anecdote. A sequence of actions. That’s a story in its purest form.”

-“Often times, it takes longer to find a good story, than to write that story.”