Why pro bono matters

by karen orlowski

The Think Tank (T3) recently added a post to their blog concerning pro bono work. In a post titled, “Why pro bono work matters,”  Rick Doerr says that while pro bono work does not pay the bills, there are still invaluable rewards that come from it.

Doerr says that pro bono work yields the best results when you and the agency backing you can say that you are believers in the cause you are backing. For T3, Fallen Heroes was something close to their hearts. Another aspect to look at when contemplating pro bono work is creativity. “Implied in pro bono work, says Doerr, “is a degree of creative freedom you may not enjoy on everyday client work.” He says that, “One Fallen Heroes client remarked, ‘You will love us as a client, because we’ll let you do anything.’ I think that sums it up.” Doerr says this situation is a win-win. It allows for experimentation that can “unveil possibilities for future client work.”

Doerr says that pro bono work can be a time to shine, an opportunity to take creative risks & develop new leaders, and it is a chance for the agency to self-define based off of supporting causes or organizations. And, there are even special awards categories for pro bono work, such as the Cannes “Grand Prix For Good” award.

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