25 to inspire

by karen orlowski

Stumbled upon this article, 25 Advertising Campaigns That Inspire Social Good.

Nike‘s Bottle T-shirt. The jerseys were woven from yarn made from melting 13 million plastic water bottles. This was effort done was done by Nike to reduce pollution worldwide and to market themselves as a “clean” brand. The collection of water bottles gathered from Taiwan and Japan weighed close to 560,000 pounds.

– Ben & Jerry’s Hubby Hubby. In efforts to show their support for marriage equality, Ben & Jerry’s changed the name of their Chubby Hubby ice cream to Hubby Hubby for one month. This campaign featured copy saying, “Vermont is for lovers… & for lovers of marriage equality” for Vermont’s recently-passed same-sex marriage law.

– McDonald’s Fresh Salads billboards. The campaign features billboards with a garden constructed on the top in the greater Chicago area featuring 15 different types of lettuce that grew over a three week period to spell “Fresh Salads.” Great job Leo Burnett.

Many of these campaigns were not as light & cheery as the ones above. Some causes featured were falling asleep behind the wheel, date rape, the negative side effects of cigarette smoking, and more. They are all great campaigns, I highly suggest you check them out.